The Studio

In the wire studio

“Inspired, the spark of an idea charges through the wire and the sculpture is born. Defining then redefining the form time after time creates the circuit through which a higher purpose flows and a new story is told.

A fleeting moment when conditions are right and the play of light on the surface of the metal brings the work to life calls upon the artist to rescue the sculpture from the constant cycle of disintegration and reinvention towards something closer yet just beyond reach, towards something more subtle or something more gross.

A sense of presence can appear and disappear in an instant. Accepting the condition of impermanence, of finding and losing the form is a transformative process by its very nature and creates a space for something new to happen. Working with reclaimed material imbued with the energy and purpose of a ‘past life’ brings the imagination into play and so with this connection to history, the content, character and composition of the artwork that emerges is greatly enriched.”