Plaster & Bronze Gallery

Plaster and bronze figurative sculpture,

latest commission for National Army Museum, figures in plaster, steel and recycled materials, portraits in plaster, commissioned artworks.

Laura J Antebi creates original figurative sculptures in plaster and  bronze including  mixed media and recycled materials. Figure sculptures cast in bronze or sculpted  from plaster with an armature of stainless steel using reclaimed and recycled materials to describe the detail of the form.

My perception is dependent on how I respond to my outer world. My response in an expression of my inner world. My expression is always a work in progress.

Please click on the images below to see examples of  portraits in plaster including ‘The Spoils‘ latest commission for The National Army Museum.

‘The Spoils’-A sculpture about the story of stainless steel for the National Army Museum

In 1912, during trials of new materials for army use, it was found that some discarded metal didn’t rust. The shiny stainless steel wasn’t taken up in the manufacture of firearms because it would give away the location of soldiers. But it went on to revolutionise the manufacture of cutlery and medical instruments and is used for the tiniest artificial heart valves to the largest architectural structures.

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