Born in Aberdeen, artist Laura J. Antebi has exhibited her work and undertaken commissions since 1994. Her love of horses, wildlife and a keen interest in ecology provides an endless source of inspiration and subject matter.
From her studio in the heart of Ayrshire Laura creates artworks for exhibitions, homes, gardens, and businesses nationwide and abroad. Character and presence are integral and a particularly strong component to her sculpture.
Her work covers a wide variety of subjects including portraiture, painting, figurative sculpture, as well as semi-abstract and organic forms. Laura describes her sculpting process as ʻdrawing with wire in space’.
Laura was commissioned by the National Army Museum in London to create a life-size horse as the centre piece for their hugely successful exhibition War Horse; Fact &Fiction. The sculpture remains part of the permanent collection.
Starting from a single piece of wire and guided by the material, Laura works directly from life and from memory to draw with wire, using the line to trace the movement and energy of her subject to conjure an image in space.
Specializing in horses, Laura’s wildlife and equine sculptures are made from galvanized steel wire and recycled materials. The contemporary style of her work finds itʼs place both in a natural setting and in the modern world.
Laura has travelled the world for artistic inspiration throughout her life journeying through Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East, Australia and the New World. Her experiences led to the development of her career as a visual artist.
When I’m working I connect with the individuality and integrity of my subject and let the material do the talking. As the sculpture develops and takes on a life of its own I must work to maintain its originality and authenticity.